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Greenmax specialises in LED and Solar lighting, and has become the only Singapore lighting supplier dealing with both LED and Solar Lights since its inception in 2009.

The idea for Greenmax Lighting was conceived in the garden of our founder, Simon Tiong. He set up the Company, obtained a grant from SPRING Singapore, and collaborated with scientists from EWT Centre of Innovation to develop Singapore's first high quality solar garden lights. Greenmax was also the first in Singapore to introduce indoor solar lamps for decorative use.

As our brand focus has always been on eco-friendly lighting products that are affordable and are of high quality, LED Lights were subsequently added to broaden our product range. LED lights are energy-efficient alternatives to traditional indoor lights, as they require lesser electricity for the same level of brightness. This means you can save on electricity bills. Reduced energy use means less stress on our Mother Earth.

Greenmax Lighting has grown to be a market leader for lighting products with state-of-the-art storage facilities, where our lighting products can be purchased either at our showroom or online store. We state our prices and specifications of our products clearly online so that you can make informed decisions for your lighting needs. You can also sign up as a Member to enjoy more benefits.

Our company is an associate of Simax Materials Solutions Pte Ltd (Established since 2006) which was also founded by Simon Tiong. This enables us to leverage on the logistics and extensive management experiences of our sister company. In the last few years, Greenmax Lighting has achieved significant milestones in the industry and established itself as a leader in LED and Solar lighting business through our contacts with M & E consultants, School Administrators and Building Contractors.


To accelerate the adoption of eco-lightings for the purpose of promoting a better Mother Earth.

Lighting via inefficient traditional/present lighting fixtures contributes about 30 percent of our electricity bill. We believe our reduced energy-usage LED & Solar lighting will replace the present lighting; allowing us to contribute in saving our Mother Earth.


To provide green lighting for everyone of the next generation.

Greenmax focuses in high quality yet affordable LED and Solar lighting, customising lighting designs and integrating practical lighting solutions that meet your applications. We believe in educating everyone on why and how our lighting solution is a wise investment with long term savings.