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How much can you save with LED lights?

LED lights are highly eco-friendly and efficient. They save 50-80% more energy compared to other incandescent or halogen lights. Thus, you can recover the investment on these lights within 1.3 years through savings on your electricity bills.

You can continue to save further!

Light- emitting diode lights won't heat up your home as much as conventional lights. So you can use less air-con and save more on your bills. They also last longer, so you save on maintenance costs too.

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LED's life span

LED light lasts over 50,000 hours, or 5 times longer than conventional lighting. It means a lifespan of  5.7 years even if you leave these lights on 24-hours a day.

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With a 2-year warranty for all our Greenmax LED lights, you don't have to worry about your lights at home/ school/ office/ factory anytime soon.

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