Welcome to Greenmax Lighting, the leading LED and solar lighting supplier in Singapore! I am Simon Tiong; and I founded Greenmax with a vision to get every household in Singapore to adopt "green" lighting solutions.

It all started when I was fiddling with the outdoor solar lights in my garden. I found that my solar lights were not as bright or long-lasting as I wanted them to be. When I approached existing solar-lights suppliers, I realised that they imported their products mostly from China, with varying qualities. Many products were already defective when they reached Singapore, not to mention that they were dim and didn't last long. The engineer in me got me wondering if I could make things better. So I spoke to some other engineers and scientists, who got excited about enhancing the quality of solar lights.

With that, I set up a company to work on developing high-performing solar lights, together with researchers from EWT-Centre for Innovation, with a grant from SPRING Singapore. I named the new company Greenmax with a commitment to being "green". I wanted to light up lives using little or no energy consumption from Mother Earth.

As I already have experience in running a business, Simax Materials Solutions Pte Ltd, since 2006, starting up Greenmax went smoothly. Part of the motivation for setting up Greenmax was to diversify away from the logistics business at Simax. I wanted to venture into the emerging markets of energy-efficient lighting.

Our initial focus was on solar lights, as I felt there was a large potential market with half the world getting the sun at any time of the day. We then added LED lights to our product range to cater to customers looking for energy-efficient lighting.

As a trusted lighting supplier, we give assurance to our customers by investing in equipment to measure wattage of our LED lights to allow comparisons with conventional lighting of the same brightness. This means you can trust us to give information that is accurate and scientifically proven. Since inception, we decided to embrace the power of e-commerce and allow purchase of our products online. You can visit our showroom at your convenience too. We are the only lighting supplier in Singapore with ready-stock of a wide variety of solar lights and LED lights in our 5,000 sq ft warehouse. You might have to wait to receive your lights if you had gone to other suppliers.

We are also the pioneer and the only lighting supplier in Singapore with indoor solar lights that can be used as decorations. Our products were reported in local news when launched. To date, we've been seen growth as high as 500% year-on-year since we started, to become a market leader in lighting supplies. This rate may not be sustained but I foresee moderate growth well into the future. Running a SME business is not without challenges. But I'm lucky to be blessed with a great team with people who are professional, diligent, open to new ideas and are committed to continuous improvement.

Every year, we participate in exhibitions to keep ourselves updated of latest developments in lighting technology. We engaged an external consultant through the Business Advisors Programme and have implemented Internet marketing to reach out to more people.

We are also learning and continuously improving the way we build relationships with our customers through online media. With that in mind, we will make more effort for education on lighting through our upcoming Greenmax Blog and our participation in social media. I'm optimistic that there is still a lot of room for growth, especially in terms of solar lighting technology. We plan to invest in R&D for more better-performing solar lights in the future.

As Singapore's leading LED and Solar lighting supplier, we shall continue to strive towards our goal of getting every local household to adopt green lighting for a more sustainable environment.

Contact us and let us help you with your lighting needs.