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Start Saving Now!

Save up to 67% on your electricity bill

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Decorative LED Lights

Mood Lighting.
Pool Parties.
Great Ambience...

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Solar Garden Lighting

Great Aesthetics...
No wiring or maintenance!

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Solar Lights and LED Lights

At earth hour count down, the city lights were turn off. LED light powered by solar lights up the complete darkness at the floating platform.

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Welcome to Greenmax

Your affordable lighting partner

Welcome to
We provide eco-friendly energy-efficient lighting focusing on high quality yet affordable LED and Solar lighting solutions.

Our R&D is done in Singapore for better-performing lights.
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LED Lights

Electrical Bill Saving
LED light is highly eco-friendly. It saves 52.6 to 77.5% on your electric bill over conventional lighting.

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Solar Lights

Cluster Free Installation
There is no messy wires needed and it is a cheaper alternative to installing wired lamps.

More on Solar Lights

Completed Projects

Customer Completed
3M - LED Light Singapore Industrial Oct 2015
The Coast@Sentosa Cove - Solar Tile Lights Mar 2015
Prudential Tower - Solar Lights Landscape Jan 2016
Yifu - LED High Bay Lights Feb 2016
DeLente - Solar Garden Lights Apr 2016
The Coast@Sentosa - Solar Pool Lights May 2016
HDB Woodland - Solar Tile Light Landscape Jun 2016
Meggitt Aerospace - LED Tube Lights Aug 2016
One Raffles Quay - LED Strip Lights Sept 2016
Rentokil Initial - LED Tube Light Nov 2016
AWWA Ltd - LED Tube Lights Dec 2016
Jurong - Clementi Town Council - LED Lamp Post Jan 2017
Republic Polytechnic - High Bay Light Feb 2017
Chiltern Park - T8 4ft Tube June 2017
Safran S'pore Pte Ltd - High Bay Light June 2017
Zodiac Aerospace - High Bay Light July 2017
Litewell Engineering - High Bay Light Aug 2017
Rivervale Mall - Solar Garden Light Sept 2017
  • Decorative LED Light - Table

    From S$199.00
  • Decorative LED Light - Chair

    From S$168.00
  • Decorative LED Light - Ice Bucket

    From S$99.00
  • Decorative LED Light - RGB ball (30CM,40CM,50CM,60CM)

    From S$75.00
  • IP45 Indoor Ceiling casing

    From S$39.00
  • IP65 Outdoor Spike casing D160

    From S$39.00
  • IP65 Outdoor Spike casing D100

    From S$35.00
  • LED Light Bulb 5W E27

    From S$12.90
  • 360° LED Light Bulb 6W

    From S$19.00
  • 360° LED light Bulb 2.5W & 5W & 7W

    From S$6.00
  • LED High Bay Light, UFO 200W

    From S$260.00
  • LED High Bay Light, Philips 200W

    From S$300.00
  • LED High Bay Light, Samsung 200W

    From S$280.00
  • LED Floodlight 100W

    From S$280.00
  • 0.1W Underwater Solar Tile Light

    From S$49.00
  • Solar Tile Light - Square 0.24W

    From S$65.00
  • Solar Tile Light - Landscape, Round 0.36W

    From S$140.00
  • Solar Tile Light - Landscape, Round 0.2W

    From S$59.00