Brighten up a boring old patio with Greenmax Lighting’s solar tile lights: they charge during the day and shine at night. They can be used in various ways. For example, we can use them to mark out the driveway, illuminate a path to the bin at the bottom of the garden, or beautify the landscape at ponds and pools.

Solar tile lights add a pleasant glow to landscapes. Their relatively low level of lighting is designed to “mark a place” (e.g. such as centre stopper of main gate, as safety measure to prevent tripping at night), or as garden features themselves. Many solar tile lights utilize amber LEDs to create an even softer ambience than the standard white LEDs. Other available colours are red, green and blue. No maintenance is required and the lifespan is about 10 years.

Some of them also "flicker" to simulate candle light. Compared to the other categories of solar garden lights, solar tile lights have the lowest light output and are the most affordable.