Solar energy is clean, renewable, does not contribute to electricity bills and is environmentally friendly. A typical Solar light has a metal casing holding a solar panel that connects to printed circuitry, a rechargeable solar cell and LED lights. Solar garden lights are durable, and can last more than 5 years and require no maintenance once it is installed. The solar panel can last more than 10 years, though it is advised to replace the rechargeable battery every 2 years for optimal brightness. 
Yes, we sell solar lighting products that operate more than 24 hours, or 2 nights given 8 hours of charging via direct sunlight.
You can place anywhere you desire where the solar panel is exposed to sufficient sunlight.
Solar Panel is designed to withstand rain and heat from the sun. Our products are sufficiently tested by our engineers before being introduced to the market.
Greenmax provides 3 metal rods with nuts for each solar light. You simply push the rods into the ground and secure the light in place.
Yes, they are very bright at night because our solar lighting products use industrial grade super- and ultra-bright LED light.Our products are used in Singapore Condominiums and many Landed Properties; see testimonials.
You may need to replace the rechargeble battery in your solar product. You can purchase the battery from Greenmax or have the battery replaced by us. Before you replace your batteries, check if the solar panel receives the direct sunlight to facilitate charging of the batteries.
The shade of white light ranges from warm to cool white. The lower the colour temperature, the more yellow your white light will appear. If the light is higher on the colour temperature scale, it will appear to cast a cool, bluish hue. Greenmax specifies solar lighting colour temperature scales: warm white 2,800-3,200k and cool white 6,000-6,500k.
The lux (symbol: lx)is the SI unit of iluminance and luminous emittance. It is used in photometry as a measure of the intensity, as perceived by the human eye, of light that hits or passes through a surface. One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter.
The only disadvantage of the solar light is that they do require an adequate amount to sunlight to create the energy. With several days of cloudy weather, the lights may not operate efficiently. If you have this concern, you can choose to select solar light with longer lighting hours, though it would come with a small premium. As Greenmax has the widest range of Solar Lights in Singapore, we can guarantee our products are competitively priced with the best performance in terms of brightness and lighting hours.
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