LED tubes from Greenmax Lighting use high quality 3014 LED Taiwanese Epistar LED chips and an extruded aluminium heat sink to ensure efficient heat dissipation. Our LED tubes with internal drivers are directly powered by 240V AC main power, bringing industrial and commercial site customers the benefits of reduced maintenance costs, and greater energy savings as no ballast is required. For example, our NEW 14-watt Greenmax LED tube uses 65.0% less electricity consumption if compared with the traditional 40-watt fluorescent lamp of equivalent brightness, see Guaranteed Savings, LED Tube & Fluorescent. If your use our LED tube for 12 hours a day, you get your money back from LED tube in less than a year from saving of 65 % of your electrical bill. You continue to save your bill for 5 more years.
Our LED Tubes can be replaced easily: just rotate, remove the traditional fluorescent tube and fit in with a new Greenmax LED Tube. You can dispose the old starter; and there are no hassles with rewiring and removing of ballast. As fluorescent tube lights are often installed on high ceilings at commercial sites, users will enjoy additional savings when the frequency of changing tubes is greatly reduced with a LED replacement.
All LED tubes from Greenmax Lighting are CE approved and RoHS compliant. Not only all our LED lights have a long lifespan, they are cost effective and convenient to use; there is no pollution arising from our mercury-free lights.