LED light bulbs are now the most practical lighting solution for LED home lighting. On average, a 7-watt energy-efficient LED light bulb provides the same amount of light as a 10-watt compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) or a 60-watt incandescent light bulb. By switching to LED, you can save on electricity without compromising on the amount of light you have. LED lights also shine at their full brightness as soon as you turn them on, unlike CFL which takes a while to shine.

LED bulbs typical E27 base can fit in standard light sockets and they are longer lasting than incandescent bulbs and CFLs. With LED home lighting, you will get your money back from LED bulb in less than a year from savings of 50% on your yearly electrical bills. You continue to save your bills for 5 more years, see Guaranteed Savings between Greenmax NEW 2.5-watt 360° LED bulb and 5-watt CFL bulb.

The beam spread is another thing that users should consider. While incandescent lights scatter light in all directions, present LED bulb typically channels its light in one direction. Greenmax Lighting new LED bulb is Singapore's first 360° LED Bulb; is comparable to the traditional incandescent bulb, distributing the light around the bulb as well as from the top. 
                                   Present LED Bulb                                                                                                              
360° LED  Bulb                    

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