The primary source of LED home lighting is the ceiling lights. The ceiling light is one of the best ways to add mood to a home. Most importantly, users should choose the LED ceiling lights that give a wider coverage for their home floor area so as to contribute to greater savings on the utilities bills.

Our LED ceiling light’s lifespan of 50,000 hours (more than five years) is more than five times longer than the traditional PLC lights. Its 360° unique design creates a perfectly uniform visual appearance. Greenmax Lighting was the first in Singapore to launch the NEW 360° G24 LED Ceiling Light that provides a maximum brightness and efficiency with a 4 / 6 / 10 Watts power consumption, and at the same time, yields 50 to 60 % of electricity bill savings while producing virtually the same light output of a 10 / 13 / 18 Watts Energy Saving PLC Light. The colour temperatures range from 3000K - 7000K. Our CE, FCC and RoHS approved LED Ceiling Lights are perfect for home lighting and commercial applications.

For customer convenience, we ensure flexible installation so that no labour and rewiring are required for our LED ceiling lights. Greenmax Lighting provides 2 years warranty for LED ceiling lights, so that you will enjoy savings 53.8 % on your yearly electricity bill, see Guaranteed Savingsvideo between Greenmax 6-watt 360° G24 LED ceiling light and the 13-watt CFL PLC light with equivalent brightness.